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Our Tower Inspection checklist includes, but is not limited to the follow criterias and standards.
Overall Tower Structure
Foundation Condition
Antenna Face Mounts
Antenna Leg Mounts
Head Frames
Collinear Leg Mounts
GPS, Dish and Panel Mounts
Fall Arrest Systems
Antenna Systems and Feeder Integrity

The tower fabrication and construction and repairs are in accordance with the following Australian

AS 1111 – ISO metric hexagon commercial bolts and screws
AS 1112 – ISO metric hexagon nuts, including thin nuts, slotted nuts and castle nuts
AS 1163 – Structural steel hollow sections
AS 1170.2 – SAA Wind loading code
AS 1252 – High strength steel bolts with associated nuts & washers
AS 1538 – SAA Cold formed steel structures code
AS 1554 – SAA Structural steel welding code
AS 1657 – Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders
AS1768 – Lightning Protection
AS 1891.3 Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices
AS 3600 – Concrete structures code
AS 3679.1 – Structural steel – hot-rolled bars and sections
AS/NZ ISO 9002 – Quality systems for production and installation
AS 3995 – Design of steel lattice towers and masts
AS 4100 – SAA Steel structures code
AS 4680 – Hot-dip galvanised (zinc) coatings on fabricated ferrous articles
1.3.2 References
ERICO LT0359 – Grounding
ERICO – A Six Point Protection Approach for Lightning Protection, Surge Protection and Single Point
Grounding for Low Voltage Facilities (D.W. Edwards and P.M. Wherrett) ERICO System 2000 Lightning Protection Products
ERICO “A Technical Report on The Service Life of Ground Rod Electrodes” (July 7, 2003 by Chris Rempe) DBI/SALA LAD-SAF® Installation and Maintenance Manual